New Chairs Won’t Do: Why a Restaurant Reno is the Right Move

The good and bad news is that Winnipeggers are NOT shy with their opinions; if your restaurant needs a facelift, they'll tell you.

It might be a regular customer asking, "maybe it's time for new chairs?". Or maybe you see new customers walk through your doors, grimace and leave. Or maybe Mr. Health Inspector has been stopping by a little more than you'd like.

That being said, it's not always that clear or dire. For many restaurants, a timely renovation presents a number of fantastic opportunities.

Here are some great reasons to invest in a fresh new look and layout:

Image is Everything: The restaurant business is highly competitive and there's always something new and fresh popping up. A floor-to-ceiling renovation is the perfect way to draw in new clientele and make your lifers even more comfortable. They'll no longer need to say, "It doesn't look like much, but...".

New Tech and Trends: Maybe it's a new POS system or space for VLTs. Maybe it's a better duct system so your restaurant doesn't smell like grease. Maybe it's a smaller dining room with a new takeout counter because that's where most of your business comes from anyways. A great reno is more than a facelift, it should make you more efficient and boost your bottom line.

Greater Perceived Value: I recently spoke with one of our restaurant clients; since their renovation, they've seen an increase in sales, plus their servers have seen an increase in tips. When you improve your space, you'll increase the perceived value of your products which is good for everyone.

Cleanliness and Safety: If your dining rooms looks old and run down, people will expect the same of the kitchen… and usually they're right! A full reno will keep the rodents, bugs and health inspectors away.

Set Your Next Generation Up for Success: If you're running a family restaurant, please oh please fix it up before passing it along to the next generation. Taking over a restaurant is stressful enough without having to level it and start fresh.

Take Things to the Next Level: We moved in 2015 because we needed a different kind of space. We needed room for offices, a shop, compound, overhead doors and much more. And guess what: since then, our team has grown tremendously. When you give yourself the right space to expand, it's amazing what can happen.

These are just a few of the reasons why I look at renovations as investments, not costs. With so many food options out there, great food isn't enough. You need a great space too, built to maximize revenue and efficiency.

If you think you need more than new chairs, feel free to send me an email at or give me a call at (204) 942-6035 and I'd be happy to walk you through some of our latest restaurant projects.

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Always Use the Good Pepperoni!

Do you remember that pizza delivery radio ad where the Italian mama says, "You gotta use the good pepperoni!"? If I remember correctly, the son found some creative ways to cut corners, but she keeps commanding that you gotta use the good stuff.

I feel the same way about our work here at Tractus. From day one we've been using the good pepperoni – only for us it's the best contractors, materials and craftsmanship.
Have there been opportunities to cut corners? Definitely! Have we taken them? Definitely not!! I wholeheartedly believe that you gotta use good ingredients to get good results.
So that got me thinking: How can you find the good pepperoni when hiring a contractor or builder? Here are some ideas:
Cheap is Not Always Better: Choosing the lowest price possible often means you're getting lesser materials, shoddy craftsmanship, and promises that don't add up. The right price is key, but the cheap one isn't always the right one.

Trust Your First Impression: Think of the selection process as a job interview: Does the contractor show up on time to your meeting? Is he or she friendly and attentive, or checking emails as you describe your project? This can be very telling. No matter the size of your job, you need someone friendly, reachable and accountable, so trust your instincts.

Check Credentials and Qualifications: When choosing a contractor, ask whether they're bonded or insured, and whether they have a formal safety program. Are they covered by WCB? These are not only signs that you will be protected physically and financially, but that the contractor cares about their team and clients, too.

View Past Work In-Person: When vetting contractors, don’t be afraid to ask about their past work. Ask to see some of their past jobs and not just pictures! Actually go down and visit some of their projects. See what they've done in person and how it stands against the test of time. If your contractor is solid, he'll be proud of his work and happy to show it off.

Here at Tractus, we offer nothing but the good stuff. And, if you're curious, my favourite topping combo is peperoni, green pepper and mushrooms… on thin crust. Classic and delicious.

If you have any questions about finding the right contractor or you want me to buy you  a slice, shoot me an email at or give me a call at (204) 942-6035.

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