Why Winter’s the Best Time to Build!

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it's only natural to start thinking about holiday cheer, warm family getaways and winding things down until spring. Why press on over the winter when you can procrastinate?

As a builder, we see this every year: the summer is busy, the fall is busy, and then the winter is a construction black hole. No one wants to start until it gets warm! What many people don't know, however, is that there are many advantages to building and renovating through the winter.

Here are just a few reasons why you should avoid the winter procrastination trap:

1) Greater Efficiencies and Availability: More contractors are available and looking for work in the winter. This often results in better pricing and contractor availability for your project. That means tighter scheduling, less downtime and often a better overall cost.

2) Quicker Permitting: The winter isn't just slow for builders, it's also a ghost town at the permitting office. Start building in the winter and you can get shorter lead times on permits which amounts to less hassles and less waiting.

3) Less Disturbance to Your Customers: For many of our business clients, the winter is THEIR slow time, too. By beginning a project in the winter, you can take full advantage of your downtime with the least disruption to your customers.

4) Set Yourself Up for Success in the Spring: If your goal is to be building in the spring, winter is a great opportunity to start and finish the design, permit and pricing phases. Thus, when spring comes, we can get “boots on-site” right away.

5) We Work in the Cold: Foundations, framing, all interior work, some exterior work and even roofing are perfect examples of jobs that can be done throughout Winnipeg winters. As winter ends and spring approaches, this leaves us able to focus on patios, exterior painting and other minor weather-dependent jobs. This means we'll be out ASAP and your customers can be back in sooner for the patio season.

So why build in the winter? Procrastination is poor business! Wouldn't it feel great to say you had the most efficient winter on record? And wouldn’t you rather enjoy your summer running your business than spend it renovating?

Let’s take advantage of the full twelve months of 2018! Give me a call at (204) 942-6035 and let's chat about ways you can make the most of your winter.

The Health Inspector Isn’t the Only One Who Cares About Your Washrooms

Whether you're a restaurant, university or healthcare facility, it's about more than the health inspector when you plan your washroom renovation.

In restaurants, it's impossible to NOT connect the quality and cleanliness of a washroom with that of the kitchen. Trips to the loo are a key part of the overall hospitality experience and your attention to detail should reflect that.

Restrooms are also the perfect place to hammer home your design vision. Whether it's funky lighting or an inspired vanity, there are tons of clever ways to make your restroom a signature part of your business. Many Yelp and word of mouth reviews include a comment on the washrooms – for better or worse.

In sports and healthcare facilities, carefully designing restrooms to be as clean and sanitary as possible is essential. The health and safety of your clients depends on it. Shifting demographics have also led to a greater need for family change rooms rather than single-gender ones. Do your clients a service and design appropriately.

The same goes for planning and building for people with disabilities – if you want to be a leader in your field when it comes to inclusive design, the washrooms are a great place to start.

Furthermore, many government buildings, restaurants and shops are eliminating gendered washrooms entirely or at least partially, making transgender-friendly single washrooms the standard. As gender-inclusive washrooms become the norm, it's essential to stay current and design with care.

From Bailey’s restaurant to the Wellness Institute, we've renovated and recreated a wide range of washrooms throughout the city. You can view some of our work online, or contact us to learn more about what we can do for your business.