Why Winter’s the Best Time to Build!

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it's only natural to start thinking about holiday cheer, warm family getaways and winding things down until spring. Why press on over the winter when you can procrastinate?

As a builder, we see this every year: the summer is busy, the fall is busy, and then the winter is a construction black hole. No one wants to start until it gets warm! What many people don't know, however, is that there are many advantages to building and renovating through the winter.

Here are just a few reasons why you should avoid the winter procrastination trap:

1) Greater Efficiencies and Availability: More contractors are available and looking for work in the winter. This often results in better pricing and contractor availability for your project. That means tighter scheduling, less downtime and often a better overall cost.

2) Quicker Permitting: The winter isn't just slow for builders, it's also a ghost town at the permitting office. Start building in the winter and you can get shorter lead times on permits which amounts to less hassles and less waiting.

3) Less Disturbance to Your Customers: For many of our business clients, the winter is THEIR slow time, too. By beginning a project in the winter, you can take full advantage of your downtime with the least disruption to your customers.

4) Set Yourself Up for Success in the Spring: If your goal is to be building in the spring, winter is a great opportunity to start and finish the design, permit and pricing phases. Thus, when spring comes, we can get “boots on-site” right away.

5) We Work in the Cold: Foundations, framing, all interior work, some exterior work and even roofing are perfect examples of jobs that can be done throughout Winnipeg winters. As winter ends and spring approaches, this leaves us able to focus on patios, exterior painting and other minor weather-dependent jobs. This means we'll be out ASAP and your customers can be back in sooner for the patio season.

So why build in the winter? Procrastination is poor business! Wouldn't it feel great to say you had the most efficient winter on record? And wouldn’t you rather enjoy your summer running your business than spend it renovating?

Let’s take advantage of the full twelve months of 2018! Give me a call at (204) 942-6035 and let's chat about ways you can make the most of your winter.

Always Use the Good Pepperoni!

Do you remember that pizza delivery radio ad where the Italian mama says, "You gotta use the good pepperoni!"? If I remember correctly, the son found some creative ways to cut corners, but she keeps commanding that you gotta use the good stuff.

I feel the same way about our work here at Tractus. From day one we've been using the good pepperoni – only for us it's the best contractors, materials and craftsmanship.
Have there been opportunities to cut corners? Definitely! Have we taken them? Definitely not!! I wholeheartedly believe that you gotta use good ingredients to get good results.
So that got me thinking: How can you find the good pepperoni when hiring a contractor or builder? Here are some ideas:
Cheap is Not Always Better: Choosing the lowest price possible often means you're getting lesser materials, shoddy craftsmanship, and promises that don't add up. The right price is key, but the cheap one isn't always the right one.

Trust Your First Impression: Think of the selection process as a job interview: Does the contractor show up on time to your meeting? Is he or she friendly and attentive, or checking emails as you describe your project? This can be very telling. No matter the size of your job, you need someone friendly, reachable and accountable, so trust your instincts.

Check Credentials and Qualifications: When choosing a contractor, ask whether they're bonded or insured, and whether they have a formal safety program. Are they covered by WCB? These are not only signs that you will be protected physically and financially, but that the contractor cares about their team and clients, too.

View Past Work In-Person: When vetting contractors, don’t be afraid to ask about their past work. Ask to see some of their past jobs and not just pictures! Actually go down and visit some of their projects. See what they've done in person and how it stands against the test of time. If your contractor is solid, he'll be proud of his work and happy to show it off.

Here at Tractus, we offer nothing but the good stuff. And, if you're curious, my favourite topping combo is peperoni, green pepper and mushrooms… on thin crust. Classic and delicious.

If you have any questions about finding the right contractor or you want me to buy you  a slice, shoot me an email at jaret@tractusprojects.com or give me a call at (204) 942-6035.