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Anytime Fitness


915 Empress St.

With over 1100 locations spread across 30 countries, Anytime Fitness is taking the world by storm one gym (and one rep) at a time. We just finished working on Winnipeg’s newest Anytime Fitness location on Empress. It’s a 5,000+ sq. ft. absolutely kick butt gym.

We flexed all our muscles on this one, with brand new finishings including mechanical, electrical, millwork, flooring and painting. Taking only 10 weeks, this project was a bit of a sprint, but we’re pleased to report that everything went to plan.

The space looks amazing and we had a ton of fun working with the gym’s specialty flooring product. It was our first time installing this type of flooring and it looks and feels perfect. From burpees and broad jumps to heavy deadlifts, we’re excited for Winnipeggers to test out the space and get their sweat on!